Mascot Management


The health sector is under increasing pressure to provide the very best facilities for patient care and medical research.

       St Luke's Hospice

       |Bradford NHS Trust

       Bradford NHS Trust

However, with tight project budgets it is imperative to get the best value for money whilst maintaining healthcare standards.

Our project management and cost management services deliver projects at the best value for money, utilising value engineering and risk management techniques to ensure this is the case.

We understand the complexities of working in live environments with multiple stakeholder engagement.

Our experience and expertise cover a range of healthcare schemes from planning through to construction, utilising a wide range of different building systems including off site fabrication for components to progress delivery of the construction as quickly as possible.

Our extensive knowledge of healthcare projects and constuction practices ensure the projects are completed within budget, on programme and to a very high standard.

Case Studies:

Bradford NHS Trust

B Braun Facility

St Luke's Hospice