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Rob Palmer

Remembering Rob...

       Rob Palmer, Director

In October 2020 we lost our much-loved friend and director of Mascot, Rob Palmer. Although everyone has been made aware of his passing, marking and celebrating his life has been much harder to do. Not only because we are still shocked and saddened, not only because lockdown stopped us gathering together, but because it has been so difficult to know where to start for such a valued and highly respected member of our team and still, with the inevitable passing of time, we feel his loss deeply.

Rob was a truly larger than life character and in over 30 years of working with him, we never saw him lose his temper – he was unflappable, laid back and in that sense, a real asset in challenging projects. He was affable too, making friends out of clients and being an invaluable calming presence.

Rob is very much embedded in the business and remains a big presence in our lives both personally and professionally, playing such an important part in shaping Mascot, building our way of working, growing our expertise and our reputation and sharing his warmth and humour with all. His professionalism, calmness, and technical brilliance made him a true asset to every project he led.

He has left an indelible mark on the company, and on each one of us. We know from all the messages of support we have received that Rob was extremely well thought of by everyone who was lucky enough to meet and work with him.

We miss him every day, we are so proud he was our colleague and friend.

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